I'd like to know how to create a single value for a vector that I can expose in the property panel as a user input.

For example, I connect a value node to a vector. I control the three vectors with that one value node. Now I'd like to expose that in the property panel and have a user adjust a single property there instead of going through the node graph.

I'd love to add an image to help clarify, but gives me an error. That's another post I guess :)


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Drag the vector you want to expose to the empty socket of the Group Input node. This makes a vector input of it. Then go to the properties of the node and change the socket Type to Float.

vector to float

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    $\begingroup$ I had the hardest time getting this to work. I wasn't changing its type. Thank you so much Gordon!! $\endgroup$
    – JerryT
    Jan 31 at 20:35

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