If you give any object a different rotation it also has a new local orientation. You can still rotate around local axes by using R and XX or YY/ZZ.

First press switches to global orientation. Second press switches to local orientation.

I usually work 90% with local orientations, so its not very comfortable for my workflow.

  • Can I change the order to first press = local and second press = global?
  • Is there a way to jump right into local mode (RX = local)?
  • Is it even possible to access actions of double keys like RR in the user preferences and for example switch to Trackball Rotation without pressing twice and also with a different key?

You could set the 'Transformation orientation' to 'local' and show the translation, rotation and scaling arrow (you can use Shift to select multiple of them), and use these to transform your object.

enter image description here


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