• I am encountering an issue with collision detection in Blender Game Engine while working with parented hitboxes. I am using the latest version of BGE on Windows 10.


  1. Hitbox Configuration:
    • Both hitboxes are parented to other objects.
    • The hitboxes have simpler geometry for efficient collision calculations.
    • Rigid Body physics are applied to both hitboxes with Actor on and Ghost off.
    • Collision Bounds are set to Triangle Mesh with a Margin of 0.
    • Scale of both hitboxes is reset to 1.
  2. What i've tried:
    • When driving one hitbox into the other, the collision sensors of both hitboxes do not trigger the attached Python program as a Python controller.
    • I've experimented with various configurations, including one hitbox as static with the other as a rigid body, vice versa, and both as static objects.
    • Tried with Collision Bounds on or off, but the issue persists.
    • Adjusted Collision Sensor settings, including Pulse on/off, Pulse true level on/off.
    • The strange observation is that it works with another object (rigid body) falling onto the non-controlled hitbox, which doesn't have any parents.
  3. Parenting and Possible Issues:
    • The hitboxes need to be parented to the objects that resemble them, so they keep moving with it
    • It is possible that the parenting might be the issue here.

Am i forgetting something, can someone help me?



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