I'm having trouble exporting vertex colors which I assigned via geometry nodes. The advice given in these posts: How to export vertex colors , How to keep vertex colors generated with geometry nodes when exporting to .FBX? does not work for me this time, although it did work on an earlier attempt on an older version of blender, so perhaps this is verison related. I am on 3.6.1 now

Vertex color is displayed correctly in blender for me enter image description here

I've set the attribute domain to Face Corner enter image description here

But the vertex colors made using geometry nodes do not import to external softwares

Vertex colors that I painted in vertex paint mode do however export correctly enter image description here

And I can assign the attribute as vertex color if I reimport the .FBX to blender, so the attribute is being exported, just not in a way that external softwares can recognise. Any ideas on how to fix this?



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