enter image description here I'm not sure if it's caused by a normal error

The shadow on the left is the same as the grid, and carving it feels uncomfortable due to the jagged feeling,

The right side will be much smoother

It needs to be subdivided several times to make the left one smooth as well

This is the pants I made from Marvelous Designer

I don't know if anyone can help me see how to make the left and right sides equally smooth

My English is not good. Thank you!

I uploaded a file: https://file.kiwi/dc03ac07#evezknRlD5xLFZ8OdTFYsw


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It's due to the folds, the topology doesn't follow the shape of the folds, it creates this bad shading because the quads are very twisted. I guess there's no other solution but to give it a Subdivision Surface modifier to add enough (virtual) topology, or you can smooth this part: Use the Smooth brush in Sculpt mode, or use a (Deform) Smooth modifier on the desired vertex group, but of course this solution tends to make the folds disappear:

enter image description here


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