See this image: enter image description here

And now the same scene, with the internal lights: enter image description here

Although the difference is quite clear, what bothers me most is that the curtains lose that light around the sunlight that hits them, this is where the problem becomes clearer.

I came to think that somehow they were really affecting the room by making it darker (which doesn't make sense to me), so I decided to do the test and add some Spot Lights far away from the room and this was the result.

Only with HDRI: enter image description here

With 5 Spot Lights away from the house (The more lights I add, the more serious the problem becomes): enter image description here

And finally with all the lights, where the problem gets even worse: enter image description here

I'll also leave a .blend file with this last example for anyone who wants to take a look, but I don't understand how adding lights can make a scene darker.

I even thought about just leaving the HDR lighting, but some parts of the room would need spot lights to be visually more beautiful, so I'm still trying to understand what's happening.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xfBw562nWxSestoOqwcmaGpGdysFKarA/view?usp=sharing


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And this is in Cycles?

Without opening up your file, I would guess that its related to Fast GI approximation

enter image description here


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