I did Geometry Nodes animation of Fireworks and I can see the animation in the Viewport in Cycles and EEVEE, but when I try to render it output I get a blank content.

The file can run on Blender 3/4.

So my questions are:

  1. The Geometry Nodes in the viewport are computed unrelated to the current Frame. meaning, if I play the viewport it will get to the end of the timeline and jump to frame 1 again, but the animation will continue like the timeline is endless. I want it to work for each frame in the correct frame data, like baking it or being consistent with any frame. so when I jump to frame 130 it will look like that specific frame. how to do it?

  2. when I try to render any frame I still get an empty frame in the output rendering. I think it is related to #1 above, but I don't know if it is correct. I think it is on "frame 1" for any rendering.

See the attached blender file.

Please assist.

Update (31/12/2023): Look like the issue is a recursive Geometry Nodes in the Buffer object that is related to Sim Geometry Nodes and the Sim related to Buffer object Geometry Nodes.

So, this causes an undefined when it tries to render the scene.

I need help in making the Blend file work without the recursion in the Geometry Nodes objects.

Hope anyone can help me with this.


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After checking with the Blender Dev team in the following ticket, the Buffer Hack is not something that can work on rendering, and it is working by luck.

So, it is nice for the viewport but not for rendering.


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