My procedural eyeball turns from transparent to white when moving the origin to the world origin (center of it all), I have to put the world origin at the center of it all in order for the eye ball to work properly with a mirror MOD I'm putting on at usual. standard eyeball mirroring for a head sculpt, X+ to -x. To be more specific the eyeball goes white and I can no longer see the IRIs (bad), I know why its doing it that's the thing I just do not know how to solve this I've tried and need help at this point please. MY theory is: I have a shader on it, material shader's to be specific, it is on the sclera mesh: (Repair and current whites and iris Experiment), THe issue comes from the texture coordinates shader being connected at the OBJECT point according to me? I might be wrong, but yes please if anyone can help me find a balanced solution it would be awesome. google drive below


  • $\begingroup$ helloooooo help anyone????????????????????????????????????? $\endgroup$ Commented Dec 26, 2023 at 1:15


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