I am struggling with one problem for over 3 years and i finally decided to discuss it with someone. Long story short:

  1. I got an object lets say CASE
  2. I got another objects like BUTTONS
  3. I got a collection called ASSEMBLED PART which contains collection instances of both BUTTONS and CASE.

What i did is append the ASSEMLED PART in new file. Sometimes i want to change material of CASE or BUTTON... but i cannot.

The "source instance" live somewhere but i have no clue where. library.blend

with file append.blend

Sorry for such simple example. Life case scenario is much more complex - we are designing brackets, than each brackets gets instance of screw and caps, then we use those instances of "ready part" to build another bigger part...

https://we.tl/t-HLFTk1GosZ here is a link for both files.

Can You please help me with it?

Thank You so much!


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I'm not sure how it happened that the original objects of the collection are invisible in the Outliner in View Layer mode, that said you can make them visible: Select the Scene Collection in the Outliner, open a new Outliner window, switch it to from View Layer mode to Blender File, open the Meshes folder, drag and drop the 4 meshes into the 3D scene and they will appear in your Outliner in View Layer mode, now you can do whatever change to the object:

enter image description here


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