I am trying to get rid of these creases, lumps and bumps so the result is a continuous smooth surface. enter image description here

I have looked at so many different ways to smooth and flatten, but so far this is the best I have managed (with much experimentation). enter image description here

Is there an easy way to remove this crease and create a smooth surface?

Apologies for the poor description, I don't really know how else to explain what I need - hopefully you'll get the jist. Thank you


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I suggest to use a Cast modifier. Setting it up will be a bit tricky, though. You will need an empty object to define the center axis of the cylinder which is going to be the Z-axis of the empty. You will also need a vertex group on your geometry to limit the effect of the modifier to the area you want to fix. Your modifier should look like this:


You will need to adjust the Radius to match the radius of your cylinder. I called the vertex group Cast. You need to assign the vertices you want to fix to it. The empty object should be placed along the center axis of the shape with its Z-axis aligned with it.


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