In blender I pressed the N key and then on the right side I selected Tools > Workspace > Custom Properties > then clicked on the + New and gave a name to the new property.

Same I did on the side in the Object tab also added new property.

Then saved and in the menu: File > Export > FBX (.fbx) and in the export window I checked the checkbox: Custom Properties.

but then when dragging the file to the unity editor I see the model but not see the new propety.

blender settings

and in unity3d editor after importing: I don't see the new property Fill Amount:

the new property Fill Amount not exist in unity after importing

  • $\begingroup$ You have to add Custom Properties on the object in the Object Properties, not the Workspace. And the other thing is: does Unity support custom properties? $\endgroup$ Nov 21 at 12:33


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