I've been struggling with this texture problem for a long time now, so I would be thankfull fo any help/solution. I want to achieve node texture, in which the gcolors are rotated along the cutting edge of the cutter tool (red-blue arrows shows how the colors/gradiant should goenter image description here - it is like a spiral-like axis). The real tool has such ranbow coating, which I try to simulate enter image description here. I thougt maybe it would be nice to have 2 points defined and between these 2 points the texture would rotate (scetchenter image description here). Is it possible to achieve something like this with blender nodes? I am also open for other solutions.

My current nodes are these:enter image description here

Thank you in advance.


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you can use the uv map to do this. Make sure the uvs are square and fill the entire uv space. then do a node setup like this for example

enter image description here


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