Let's take for example

  • There's a soda can in the UV Editor
  • I selected and unwrapped the vertical sides of the soda can in the Edit Mode.
  • In the UV map visualiser on the left, the unwrapped map has a width pretty much longer than its height
  • I try to export the UV Layout as a png so I can make proper Label adjustment in Photoshop
  • But the trick here is, the size on the right shows "1920 X 1076". Having adjusted the numbers (larger) so it might fit the whole layout size, the exported layout still reverts to the default "1920 X 1076", at that cutting away the actual width of the Layout.

I am conflicted. What do I do to get/export the actual unwrapped UV Map width/size as shown when I unwrapped it?enter image description here



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