Good day fellow blenderers.

Not so much a question of ' how do I do exactly this thing?' but more of a ' is there a best practice approach' type of question.

When you have an irregular shape that you want to put a hole though, it's easy to just think of using the bool tool, but I've always believed that this just comes with another set of problems to fix.

So my question is - Is my attempt at creating the mesh below using only quads and retaining edge loops a proper one, or is there another methodology that can be used here?

My process is :

Draw the outer Ngon Add a circle with same number of vertices as the ngon Connect it all up Evenly space verts on Ngon where possible

I've done it this way to try and avoid shading issues that you get with booleans. Am I overdoing it? Is there a better balanced workflow in these situations? How would you do it differently?

Ngon to circle

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It seems like a good approach, you could use less edges if you use a Subdivision Surface modifier though:

enter image description here


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