I had a recent same project I was doing here , but I'm gonna get to the point here , I tried To rig my character as everything works fine , when I move the head , the does not move with the head , it just stand or bugged inside the head , as I'm figuring out how I can manage to do it , everything are joined togetherenter image description here



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Separate meshes (like here eyes and cheeks) often get not correctly parented, to fix that you can select them in Edit mode and assign to the head bone (called spine.006):

enter image description here

That said it won't be perfect because you have 2 bones for the neck that influence the head so the eyes and cheeks won't correctly stick at a certain rotation angle of spine.006, if you don't need these bones you should remove them, parent spine.006 to spine.003, reparent the mesh to the armature.


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