I have a project where I am trying to shine a light through a volumetric cube. Everything was working as expected until I unknowingly changed some setting which made it start behaving differently.

Both projects are using Cycles, and the light / object settings are the same for both projects.

Here's how it behaves in the project I was working in: Light not affecting volumetric cube

But when I place the light inside of the volume cube I get this: light inside of cube

I create a new project and it works as expected: new project

My node setup for the volumetric cube is the same across both projects: node setup volumetric cube

Interestingly, increasing the light radius gives different results for each project. This is what it looks like in my broken project vs. a new project with default settings: Light Radius

The cube object properties are the same across both projects: cube object properties

Light settings are the same across both projects: light settings

light settings

I'll attach both project files in a comment below.

Does anyone know what this could be? I'm completely stumped.


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Light Paths > Transparent under Render properties was set to 0 in my "broken" project, changing that made everything work as expected.


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