I have very simple question that is just too hard to summarize/find an answer to. I've made this simple scenario because its easier to understand the problem.

I want to apply random scale value on each and every instance (cube) separately. But I have two (in my other project three) "Instance on Points" Nodes - one array instance in circular arrangement and other takes these circles and arrange them on line.

If I plug random value to first it will only change scale in columns. If I plug it to the second Instance on Points node it will change diameter of circles. It's nothing I would not expect but I dont know how to take all the cubes in output and rotate them separately.

I hope you know what I mean. Thanks in advance for any help.

Please note that this is simplified example and I know that in this case it can be done differently (use cylinder for example) but I need to know how to solve this in the way I described.

geometry nodes


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You need a little bit of reordering of the steps.

First make sure to set up all your instance points.

Don't forget to use Realize Instances node to make the instances' points readable.

And as last step - add the Cube instance.

This way you can apply scale an rotation on each individual Cube instances:

enter image description here


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