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How to make this material with Voronoi texture in blender with the same color


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I would do this by combining two Voronoi Texture nodes, one set to F1 and Euclidean from which I take the Color output. The other I set to Distance to Edge and use the only available output, Distance.

To make them both match each other, I plug an external Value node into their Scale inputs to change them at the same time. I also set them to 4D, this way I can use another Value node to change the seed of the texture if I don't like the pattern.

The Distance to Edge I plug into a Color Ramp set to Constant, this way I can control how large the black areas between the colored pieces are.

Then I multiply the two with each other - the result are greyscale tiles with black gaps. This I plug in another Color Ramp node to give the greyscale values colors (starting with black to the left to keep the gaps black). For the texture coordinates I mix in a bit of a Noise Texture to make the edges of the Voronoi pattern more random by using a Mix Color node set to Linear Light and just a very small mix factor so that it's not too crazy.

I just made some similar colors to your reference, you can probably do better and by mixing with other noise etc. you could achieve not so homogenous colors - this is just to give you a basic idea.

This is the nodetree:

node setup smooth

And this is the result:

smooth mosaic

Optionally you can also use the pattern to drive the roughness and maybe a Bump node like I did in the next example, however your reference image looks like the surface is quite smooth so you can probably get away with my above setup.

node tree with bump

bumpy mosaic

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