Having a node, I want to unlink it. My current approach is to clear all links from a desired NodeSocket:


I get a:

AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'clear'

I would think that 'links' is a NodeLinks structure, which would have 'clear()' and 'remove()', but apparently no? I also can not simply del my_node.inputs[0].links[0].

One approach I got working is:

for l in my_node.inputs[0].links:

but is there a simpler way? Should one of my previous attempts work?

  • $\begingroup$ There is mistake in: ``` for l in output.links : if l.to_socket == input : node_tree.remove(l) ``` node_tree.remove(l) does'nt work. You need to use node_tree.links.remove(l) $\endgroup$ – Petr Hromják Feb 11 at 18:57

The my_node.inputs[0] is a node Socket type, and the my_node.inputs[0].links is a read only list of links from this socket, so your first attempt won't work, and you have found the correct way, which is deleting the link from node_tree.links as follows:

 # remove only the desired link
 l = my_node.outputs[0].links[0]

To find a link:

output = my_node1.outputs[0]
input  = my_node2.inputs[0]

for l in output.links :
    if l.to_socket == input :

Also you can check for the connected node: if l.to_node == my_node2:

See the DOC page for more details.

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