I managed to delete rig_ui.py the script of my rigify armature after renaming things somehow (at least i think that is the problem), and i don't know what to do to restore its original functionality, other than going back several files behind the actual one i got so i tried this fix:

Fetched the script from some versions behind (no code has been changed so it should be the same here) then manually pointed to the 'rig_ui.py' file in Blender by adding a Datablock pointer custom property to my rig just like: How to make a Text File dependent of an Armature object so that it appends with it to other projects?. (in blender 3.6)

However, when I link and then override my rig into a new project, the 'rig_ui.py' file doesn't seem to be automatically ran, it's just there. How can I ensure that my 'rig_ui.py' file is not only loaded but also executed along with my rig when I link it to another Blender project?

also i got the file and my preferences checked, those are not the problem afaik enter image description here enter image description here



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