i try to put my hand and brain into geometry node. i voxelized an objet with: Mesh to volume / Distribute points to volume (grid) / Instance on points (cube) / Realize instances / Merge by distance

now im trying to delete all interior faces to keep only the "shell" and i stuck here :(

is there a way to avoid using the mesh boolean node? i tried that but the computational time increase ! and i would not computing my mesh and using the "traditional" Select all by trait /delete interior faces...

so i was thinking of using "neighbors" node but i cant avoid holes in my mesh

Someone to helpme please? thanks

nodes tree



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Shoot those damn internal faces down! 🧊 🔫 🤠

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    $\begingroup$ WAWwwww !!! thank you cowboy ! $\endgroup$
    – mthdbs
    Oct 10, 2023 at 13:56

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