I mess with a lot of alembic files and I animate the alembic cache sometimes. The problem is I can't see the keyframes. They don't show up in the graph editor, they don't show up in the dope sheet, they don't show up in the timeline. I want to actually view my keyframes. I think it's silly for an animation software to give you the ability to key every numerical value then just say screw it to displaying it in the timeline... enter image description here

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While usually the keyframes show up in Timeline, Dope Sheet or Graph Editor, it is a bit tricky with Alembic files. But you can make them visible, too:

When you disable the Only Show Selected option (the arrow symbol) in the Dope Sheet and Graph Editor you can see the keyframes. In the Timeline there is no button, but in the View menu you can disable Only Keyframes from Selected Channels.

The only downside is, if you have many keyframed objects in the scene they will now all show up. To get rid of them, you could disable their visibility in the viewport (maybe with a separate collection). Not the most elegant solution, but a workaround.

alembic keyframes

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you. It worked and you're right there's a lot of keyframes that show up but it did allow me to find the keys I was looking for. I wish it was as easier but I won't complain. The solution was solved. $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 5, 2023 at 13:15

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