Starting to mess with geometry nodes, I am. While watching a tutorial I see the guy just opens a search to find the node he wants to add to the process. In grasshopper we would double-click to add a "node" like this, but i am not able to do it hitting any number of keys I have tried so far. I will keep searching, but thanks in advance for any help/support.


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    $\begingroup$ Should just be Shift+A, same hotkey for making a new object in object mode $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 4, 2023 at 0:17

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  • ⬆ ShiftA, then choose a node from the menu:

  • ⬆ ShiftA, then S, then start typing the name of the node:

  • In Blender 4: ⬆ ShiftA and start typing immediately. Be careful not to move your mouse too much before typing the name of the node:

  • Recommended (Blender 3.3+): drag your mouse from a socket of any node as if you were about to create a new link, but release your mouse when it's not above any socket it could connect to, which is indicated by a "+" sign meaning it will add a new node:

I recommend this because it suggests more nodes than above options and solves problems like this, keep in mind, however, that it's contextual: the popup will prioritize (put on top) nodes/inputs with the same type as the one you're dragging. It will also filter out nodes that don't can't work connected to the link you're currently creating:

  • dragging (left) from an input will allow you to search only outputs,
  • dragging (right) from an output will allow you to search only inputs,
  • dragging from a green output will only suggest nodes that have a green input etc.

  • 💨 Speedrun technique: when at least one node is selected, you can press:
    • ✲ CtrlNumpad + to connect selected node to new Math: Add node,
    • ✲ CtrlNumpad - Math: Subtract,
    • ✲ CtrlNumpad * Math: Multiply,
    • ✲ CtrlNumpad / Math: Divide,

The order of multiple nodes is based on their vertical position:


Blender has several hundreds of hotkeys and several different keymap configurations. Every hotkey may also be changed and additional hotkeys can be created by add-ons as well as the user. It would make little sense to ask about each one on Blender Stack Exchange.

Fun fact: I count 2863 active keymap items in every keymap of 'Blender' keyconfig with a Python script. Those include same hotkeys repeating in different contexts though.

It is better to have a way of finding out about hotkeys. There are several ways.

  • You can just hover your mouse over some button or menu and the hotkey for it will be displayed in the tooltip:

enter image description here enter image description here

  • Hotkeys are also displayed in the menus:

enter image description here

  • You can see them in the search menu( F3 ):

enter image description here

  • You can also explore the keymap itself in the Preferences( F4 -> P ):

enter image description here


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I said to ChatGPT

User: I'm watching a tutorial where a guy just adds a node ("mesh island" is the name of the node) by doing something to open up a search menu. do you know what im talking about? I cant figure out how he did it

It's ⇧ Shift + A, I almost started into the documentation, but gpt is my fav.

  • $\begingroup$ or just drag a noodle and drop it in 'mid air', and you'll be offered a search. $\endgroup$
    – Robin Betts
    Commented Oct 4, 2023 at 4:54

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