Was unable to find an answer on the forum and google.

There is a simple curve (circle) and applied "Simple Deform" -> Twist -> 360° by X. Plus added a bit bevel depth in Geometry.

The shape and the cross-section become flattened. But is there a way to keep their initial circle shape like it would be a wire no matter what twisting angle is applied? ?

For example like here

enter image description here


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Starting with a Curve > Circle, one way to do this would to be to arrange for the bevel of the curve to take place after the twist, using Geometry Nodes:

enter image description here

Below the Twist modifier on the stack, internally, the geometry is considered to be a Mesh, so has to be converted back to a curve in GN, before profiling:

enter image description here

If you're particular about the overall shape, it may be worth noting the Twist does not produce a perfect sphere from a circle, so you may want to insert a Cast modifier, (Sphere, Factor 1), below the Twist.

Here's a share:

Check out:

  • The curve-circle has no Object-Mode scale. (CtrlA to apply the scale if necessary)
  • TIn the circle's own Data tab, it's been set to a high enough resolution to accommodate the curvature
  • $\begingroup$ Thank you very very much, Robin, for your time on this issue. At least I can see it is possible and people who know how to do this are alive. As I mentioned above I'm a noob in all this I tried to reproduce everything you described and showed but definitely missed something so I got the following. Could you please point out where I could make a mistake? $\endgroup$ Oct 4, 2023 at 17:24
  • $\begingroup$ @ВадимГусар See edit to my post for a share, and a couple of possible problems with your version. $\endgroup$
    – Robin Betts
    Oct 4, 2023 at 18:42
  • $\begingroup$ Robin, thank you very much again. No doubt you are a wizard for me. The problem was that I still used bevel depth in "Object Data Property" -> Geometry, it should be 0 there. Once again, thank you very much, @Robin-Betts $\endgroup$ Oct 4, 2023 at 19:11
  • $\begingroup$ @ВадимГусар No problem at all. If the answer has worked for you, you can click the tick next to it. That will mark it as 'solved' for other users. $\endgroup$
    – Robin Betts
    Oct 4, 2023 at 20:19
  • $\begingroup$ Done, marked, and once again thank you, @Robin-Betts. Can you give me a favour and answer the last question? As I understand you provided me (and all the rest who need this) with the solution for the latest version of Blender where GeometryNodes was added. But as I understand from my link reference in the question there was a solution for previous versions without using nodes. Do you have any ideas about how they made this? $\endgroup$ Oct 4, 2023 at 21:28

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