I used geometry nodes to point-instance object A to object B. The resulting instances of A now overlap, which is intended. For further work it would be nice if the resulting mesh is a clean union instead of an overlapping mess.

In the geometry nodes all the instances of A are represented by 1 line so i dont know how to use a mesh boolean node in there. And when converting object B to a mesh to apply the geometry nodes the resulting mesh still consists of unconnected instances of A. How do i create a union of the A meshes either during the geometry nodes or after?

enter image description here


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If you use the Mesh Boolean node and only plug a single Geometry into it, no matter which Boolean operation you choose (Difference, Intersect or Union), this mesh will be merged together as if you used a Union operation on the separate parts of it, as you can see in Wireframe view.

Before using a Mesh Boolean:

before boolean operation

After using a Mesh Boolean:

after boolean operation

I used a Bevel modifier afterwards to show the result more clearly, you can see the new edges where the cubes are merged get beveled as well:

beveled new edges


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