(SOLVED) Solution: Press home key when in camera view.


im in camera perspective, (numpad 0 view) is there a way to center the camerawindow to the center of the viewport?

enter image description here

and maybe try even to fit it? i saw the command Zoom camera 1:1 but it still wont center it. i would like the camera to be centered. I know theres a ctrl+numppad 4 , 6 ,8 ,2 but the step is too big for what i need. i would need to make it precisely in the same position everytime i go back to this view or at least have a button or script that puts it in the same position always. (must be as precise as possible, thats why i cannot do it by hand with shift + middle mouse and zoom)

if found that the command view3d.view_pan is the one the ctrl+numpad 4682 , use to move the view, but i still dont know how to use this in python script if i do this through a script.


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Try View > Cameras > Frame Camera Bounds

You can also press the Home key.

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