How can I join points / vertices with a line or curve following an arbitrary given index sequence.

I can have it follow the numerical index sequence 0-1-2-3

See image below.



Example: I would like to join the vertices following the arbitrary index sequence of 0-7-5-4 together with a line see image below. (the index sequence is arbitrary and could be 0-3-7 I would like to be able to have it follow a index sequence I create.)


I was following Obtain position of point in geometry node

and Where is Transfer attribute in 3.4?

and Selectively join points using geometry nodes

PS I'm using Blender 3.6.1 Attached file below


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First you need to figure a way to provide a list to Geometry Nodes, here's some threads about it:

Geometry Nodes - Extrude edge by ID

How to instantiate objects on individual/selected points in geometry nodes?

Cycling /looping through a set of index values using geometry nodes to create animation

How can I rotate individual curve points in geometry nodes?

Then just use that to create a mapping from consecutive indices $0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…$ to the correct indices to know which point positions to sample:


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