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I have made a character, and I want to animate it. My character consists on a few meshes, all of which were parented to the armature. My problem is: when I move the character around, some parts of the mesh (wing feathers) do not follow it.

In pose mode, everything works fine enter image description here

In object mode wings stay behind

enter image description here

Wings have armature modifier with "Object" filled with correct armature I have read similar questions, but none of the solutions for them seemed suitable

  1. How can I make wing's feathers follow my armature?

  2. I am planning to make my character walk around. Is it a good idea to move the charater in pose mode, therefore leaving origin point far away from the character, or there is a more correct way to animate charcter's covering long distences?

I pretty new to Blender and I would appreciate any help. I am using Blender 3.6.0 Here is the link to my file https://cloud.mail.ru/public/3Qsm/fivRe41tY


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Select wings, select armature, CTRL + P, choose "Armature deform". thank you joseph


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