I have created a simple character in Mb-Lab without finalising the character yet. I wanted to make some adjustments in sculpt mode on the eyelids. Because the eyeball is always transforming together with the eyelid I wanted to mask the eyeball. I found the option to apply the mask and used it to mask the eyeball. The masks seems to be there ( as the eyeball and part of the eyelids are not moving anymore) but I cannot see the mask.

I already checked for modifier that could hide the mask and deactivated them. I also checked if the viewport option for mask in sculpt mode was on an on 100 % visibility. Still the mask is invisible and I need to make some adjustments to the mask to properly isolate the eyelids.


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The problem were the modifiers that were automatically added by MB-Lab. While only one modifier showes the warning that the mask will not be displayed all four modifiers

  • mbastlab_armature
  • mbastlab_corrective_modifier
  • mbastlab_subdvision
  • mbastlab_displacement

have to be disabled to display the mask correctly in scultp mode.


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