I'm currently using blender 3.5.0, I work with a Asus laptop and my huion display tablet. Emulate numpad and 3 button mouse are both on.

I've been following Eve Sculpt's youtube room tutorials and hit a bit of a snag. From some searching, you're supposed to be able to use a scroll wheel or PG-Up/Down to change the size of the radius of Proportional Editing in edit mode. My PG buttons do work for everything else such as adding more loop cuts and I have added Wheel Forward/Backward keys to my tablet buttons, but they do not work on changing the size of the radius. I have tried changing it on a brand new file to make sure I hadn't accidentally set it to something miniscule/massive, but no luck.

Is there anything else I could be missing to try and fix this problem?

Edit 1: I managed to acquire a mouse /w a wheel. I tried using the scroll wheel on a new file and that hasn't worked either.


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I had exactly the same problem - I believe that one of the edit tools actually has to be ACTIVE at the time, for example by pressing the left-mouse button. It's a tremendously awkward combination (mouse button plus pgup/pgdn) but it does work for me. I found the other combination (mouse button plus mouse scroll) virtually impossible to use.

See also this answer.


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