I have an object with hundreds of materials, and I want to change the texture Interpolation (if i right mean how it named) on all of them to CLOSED. I do not want to go through them individually, so I was wondering if there was a way through the console or somewhere else.

I find some similar question from (that i take this text) and try to compilate something but all go to hell

    import bpy
    for material in bpy.data.materials:
       #bpy.data.materials.texture_slots.add().mapping = 'FLAT'
        mat = bpy.data.materials
        mtex = mat.texture_slots.add()
        mtex.mapping = 'FLAT'      

i be wronged no mapping, i need interpolation changed

i don't know anything in that, plz someone hero help me!

For meaning this is articles where i take that

this and that maybe it can help

that i what to change that i what to change

for all that for all that

i hope that i explained all right and meaning, and hope that my hero find me heheh-he-hehe *my english is so-oo-ou bad, sorry for this



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