I have created a test system in which I want to cut a grid into separate faces where perpendicular on each face, I create cylinder that needs to stay perpendicular when the individual faces are rotated. The part where I create the individual faces via geometry nodes is shown in the first image. first part of geometry nodes - creation of individual faces from starting grid

The value at the bottom of the first image allows rotation of the individual faces. In the second part of the geometry nodes, I put cylinders through the center of each face, and align them perpendicular to the face. This is shown in the second image. Second part of geometry nodes - placement of cylinders perpendicular to faces.

The problem that I am unable to fix is that, while the cylinders are perpendicular initially (see image 3), they don't stay perpendicular if rotation of the faces takes place (figures 4 and 5). Any thoughts on what else I can do apart from the rotation based on the normal to the faces?starting point of image without rotation

after some rotation shown from same angle as previous image

same scene as previous image, except under a different angle that emphasises the deviation from perpendicular placement (bottom right corner)


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You got it almost right:

(Vector input, not Rotation)


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