Calculating vector so object is aligned with another object using geometry nodes.

I have several mesh Island objects that I'm trying to get lined up with a reference mesh island. I'm using Vector = Vector2 - Vector1 but for some reason it's not lining up. There's something wrong with my calculations but I'm not sure what.


How can I align them so that each mesh island is aligned with the reference island mesh.

The alignment is off see red arrow.


Animated mesh islands that are off. ani1

Please note the reference mesh island can be any island.

The mesh islands should align with the X-axis see image below see blue circles.

img align See Blend file below.


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If you look at what you're aligning to, the result of the top Attribute Statistic: Min is $2.27403$.

This is because you're aligning to an Edge position. The edge position is the position of its center. Since the bottom Stat node also operates in the Edge dimension, you're effectively aligning the center of one edge to the center of another edge:

To solve your Y problem, switch "Edge" domain to "Point" in both "Attribute Statistic" nodes.

Your X solution seems to be this:


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