I'm trying to make a plant grow along a curve with branches. The problem is easy when having a single curve to grow along a curve (using the trim curve node), but when it starts to split appart it's much harder...

I made a system that is able to detect when a growing branch comes close enough to the predefined start of a new branch and select the first point of the new branch.

Since the trim node works with spline (not with points) I then need to select the whole curve from the selection of its first point.

Is it possible?

To make this system work, I have to be able to change the "can_grow" spline attribute to True when the first point of the curve is set to "point_trigger". (The system that sets the first point of the curve to "point_trigger" when a growing branch comes nearby works fine")

Thank you very much! :)

Whole node tree

guide curve

guide curve edit mode


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easy solution:
use an accumulate field set to Integer and point.

  • put the selection into value
  • put spline index (index put through an evaluate on domain node set to spline) as group id.

The total output is your new selection.


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