I have an empty and I have set a sphere as its child. When I change the empty's worldPosition(via right-clicking with mouse) the sphere teleports to entirely different location. The strange thing is that when I print the sphere's coordinates it is exactly the same as the empty's and the mouse cursor's. Any ideas?

Here is the module I wrote.

#Import the bge library.
import bge

#Make the mouse cursor visible during game running time.

#Set the current game scene and python controller to variables.
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()

#The function "initialization" is responsible for setting all scene objects, object sensors and object actuators to variables.
#These variables are created into the function but are for global use. Their names are the names of the objects/sensors/actuators in blender.
def initialization():
    for k in scene.objects:
    for k in ground.sensors:
    for k in cont.actuators:

def mouse_2D_coor():
    global mX, mY
    mouse_pos = bge.logic.mouse.position
    #Cramp the coordinates to what the camera sees. (0, 0) at the top left corner and (1, 1) at the bottom right corner.
    mX = max(0.0,min(1.0,mouse_pos[0]))
    mY = max(0.0,min(1.0,mouse_pos[1]))
    #print ("Mouse coor :",mX,mY)

def empty_to_pos():
    cursor_empty.worldPosition = (mop.position[0],mop.position[1],cursor_empty.worldPosition.z)

#print (mop.hitPosition)
if (right_click.positive):
    print (cursor_empty.worldPosition)
    print ("Mouse",mop.position)
    print ("sphere",sphere.worldPosition)

print ("I reached the end of track.py")

Here is the blend file


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The answer came from the blenderartist's forum where the user agoose77 wrote

You need to use


. The position attribute of the base class of KX_MouseFocusSensor, SCA_MouseSensor, returns the pixel position of the mouse, which can reach a value in the thousands.

And it worked.


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