I'm (kind of) new to Blender and have created a basic "title sequence" in the VSE. That sequence is made up of a couple of text strips with animation via key frames...nothing fancy at this point.

I want to "import/add/copy/etc" this content to new projects but need to be able to change the settings (text, colors, speed, etc.). So rendering out the title sequence and just adding that rendered video to a new project is not practical since it doesn't take the new project's content into account (placement, colors, etc.). Copy/Paste works for most of it, but not the animation/keyframes.

I've done some research on "Append" but can't get it to work. It always adds the 3D cube to the VSE when I add a "scene" not the text strips with animation/keyframes (I'm not real clear on how to use scenes anyway).

Is what I'm asking to do not feasible? Basically build a VSE project and add/import it to another.




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After some more research and experimentation I was successful in getting my title sequence from one project into another. The answer, was in fact, via 'scenes'.

Here is the process I took to accomplish the goal (using Blender 3.0.1):

Build your Title Sequence (Scene)

Open a new project in the VSE, add your text strips, and set the key frames to animate as you desire:

enter image description here

Then, it would be helpful to rename the scene. In the upper-right corner of the Blender window, highlight and change the scene name to something meaningful:

enter image description here

Finally, save the project as usual.

Appending the Title Sequence to a New Project

Next, close the title sequence project and open a new/existing project. Then, go to File -> Append, navigate to your Title Sequence .blend file and double click into it. This will not append anything, but instead let you navigate around the .blend contents to pick what to actually append to the new/existing project:

enter image description here

From there, navigate into "Scene", select the scene you named your title sequence, and click Append:

enter image description here

Note: You won't see anything in the new/existing project yet, but you will shortly. Keep going...

Insert the Scene into the VSE

Now, in the VSE, Add -> Scene and select the Title Sequence you created (it should show the name you used):

enter image description here

At this point, you should see a cube in the preview window and the sequence editor will contain the scene strip:

enter image description here

KEY #1: Access the Title Sequence Itself

Now, HERE IS KEY #1 - notice on the right of the sequence editor (shown in the previous image), in the Scene drop-down section you have "Scene" and "Input" labels? Change "Input" from Camera to Sequencer. Your strips and preview should look familiar now!

enter image description here

KEY #2: Access the Title Sequence Strips

Finally, to edit the text strips (text or animation content), open an Outliner pane (the image shows me just changing my preview pane to the Outliner):

enter image description here

Change the "View Layer" to "Scenes":

enter image description here

and click on "World.001" under Title Sequence (or whatever you called your title sequence scene):

enter image description here

And now you have full access to the text strips to modify as you'd like.

Going Back to the Project After Adjusting the Title Sequence

Once you've finished adjusting your title sequence, click "Scene" to go back to the new/existing project and continue inserting/editing the video as usual:

enter image description here

As you can see, I created a new preview pane to show the last step.



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