I have baked thousands of objects with dynamic physics for a particle simulation. Then I baked them to keyframes. The animations are roughly 400 fps long. I stashed those actions to individual NLA Tracks and named them (due to insane amount of objects, I wrote a script for this). I did the same job for two projects. In total, I want to have 2-3 physical based animations separated by the NLA Track names. Now I try to export that model to GLB with this setting on.
enter image description here

The export never really stops. The export runs at least more than 3 hours. Both projects have the same "issue".
Am I doing something wrong, or is Blender just not capable enough?
I was also wondering if I could export models to .fbx and also sort the animations by the name of stashed NLA tracks like with the previously shown .glb option.



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