enter image description here [Picture 2 can't activate subtrack][1]

If you look at the first picture (bottom pic) you'll see I can activate an NLA track and insert an action strip using python - it works fine no problem

The problem (look at second picture) Is I cant figure out how to set sub tracks of an object to active using python so I can insert an action strip using python - and I can't find any examples after a day of googling. TO BE CLEAR - my problem isn't inserting the action strip with python- the problem is activating the the subtrack shown in the NLA editor.

If you apply a shader to one side of a cube and animate the shader, in the NLA you will see the same thing I'm showing here in pic 2. So How do you set the shader Nodetree track (red arrows) to active using python??? Please help - thanks a ton



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