I'm experiencing some strange behavior on my render machines currently, and I'm not sure why. Basically, the environment renders out as a flat grey instead of what it should.

The only difference between my workstation and render machines that I can think of is that I'm rendering with GPU on my workstations and with CPU on my render machines, but when I switch to CPU on my workstations, I'm not able to replicate the behavior. I've also checked, and drivers are the same across all machines. No compositing has been done, and the shaders for the environment all appear to be normal (no undefined nodes or anything like that).

Has anyone had this happen to them, and if so, how did you fix or get around the problem?

Grey Environment Environment is not grey???

EDIT 1: Just checked, and the normals are all oriented correctly. Also tried flipping them and re-rendering, but I get the same flat grey result.

A thought occurred to me: are there ever issues with/differences in rendering between the machines with different brands of CPUs? In this case, my workstation has an Intel CPU whereas my render machines have AMD CPUs.



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