I've been working on a 3d modeling project for a feasibility study regarding O'Neill Cylinders. Part of my assignment requires me to wrap a model of manhattan inside part of the cylinder to represent the scale of the spacecraft. I have watched several videos/tutorials on how to bend and warp geometry in Blender and tried various methods of doing so (e.g. shrinkwrap modifier, simple deform modifier, bend/warp in edit mode). I've also tried backface culling. However, all of these methods lead to an issue with scaling. If I choose just to bend/warp 1 axis the other axes are also affected. I have tried exporting the manhattan model as both fbx and obj, but both run into issues.

O'Neill Cylinder with Manhattan model

As seen in the attached screenshots, the manhattan model should bend along with the curve of the cylinder. Just not sure how to make it work without completely distorting the models. Thank you! :)



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