I'm using render layers in my scene to seperate multiple objects for compositing, but want to add them back together afterwards.

For that, I need to a way to hide parts of the volumes on layer 2, that would appear behind objects on layer 1, if they were on the same layer:

Layer 1: Layer1 Layer 2: enter image description here For example, the volume lights on the front should be partially hidden, since the Submarine on layer 2 would obscure them, but the light in the back should be fully visible, since it would be in front of the Submarine.
How can I achieve this in Blender?

Older versions seem to have included "mask layers", but I can't seem to find any mention of them from 2.8 and onward...


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Enable the "Holdout" restriction toggle in the outliner. enter image description here

You're able to enable it on a collection of your choice that will be used to mask anything behind it, but not show up in your render. Simple and effective:

enter image description here enter image description here


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