I'm rendering a simple fluid simulation. Water from an object into a glass. After 1 week, I'm now at frame 144 (of 200) and "Updating Objects Frames" takes 3-5h (I haven't measured the time) The process:

  • Foam ~30 sec
  • Initializing ~30 sec
  • Building BVH ~60 sec
  • Building OpiX acceleration structure ~5 min
  • Updating Objects Flags ~3-5h
  • Render ~ 5 min

I don't know why. It startet so fast and now...at frame 144, the whole water is in the glass, so for my understanding, it should be easier than the frames before (with the fluid) but from frame to frame, Updating Objects Flags takes longer and longer...

I followed the tips in this topic, but they doesn't work... "Updating Objects Flags" -- Best ways to get around long rendering times?

After 2 years, maybe someone has another idea :)



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