Creating clothes for my character with cloth simulation, and am having trouble with my body mesh clipping through my shirt when my character switches to a pose from his initial T-Pose, as well as having a bit of self-collision issues around the sleeve. For troubleshooting, I have:

  • Made sure the body mesh isn't colliding with the shirt mesh before simulating
  • Started cloth sim with 20 frames of T-Pose before switching to other poses
  • Turned on 'preserve volume' for armature modifier on both shirt and body mesh
  • Enabled object collisions and self collisions for cloth sim, and turned down the distance for each
  • Increased quality steps for both simulation and collisions
  • Kept cloth mod at top of mod stack

What's strange is I copied the cloth sim preset from another project where everything worked fine and my shirt looked great, and I have since reference that project a few times but still cant find why my cloth is clipping through the body mesh here and not there.

My blend file can be found here. Any help would be appreciated!

enter image description here


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In my opinion, apart from the cloth parameters that may need some tweakings (also apply some transforms), you should make sure that the weight is correct, see if I select the upper arm bone, the vertex group contains some vertices of the chest when it should not:

enter image description here


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