I am having a few issues with the density settings for the distribute points on face node.

So far I have:

  • imported an elevation raster for displacement using Blender GIS (top left image)
  • Distributed points on face, instanced cubes on them. Works as expected with a set density in the node. (top left and right images)
  • imported a raster I want to set density with using the 'basemap on mesh' (UV raster map on existing mesh) import with Blender GIS. I have values that range from 0.02 - 1 (raster image is 20m pixels, 32 bit float). You can see this in the top right image, it maps perfectly to the elevation mesh.

When I try and plug this into the density using Image Texture, I get the result in the lower left corner using 'repeat' extrapolation. I also get errors with 'clip' (no instances) and 'extend' extrapolation. Is there a setting I'm missing...or rather than Image Texture, do I need to use Sample UV, etc? Is there also a way to view the value on an imported image texture to make sure the UV map imported as expected?enter image description here



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You have to use the UVMap. The Image Texture node in the Shader editor uses automatically the UV map with the camera icon (1) if you don't specify a UV map. The default UV map is named UVMap as you can see in the Object Data Properties tab > UV Maps section.


But in the Geometry Nodes editor you need to tell the Image Texture node which UV map to use. You can do this

  • either with (2) a Group Input (type Vector) and specify the name in the Geometry Nodes modifier (3), UVMap in the example.
  • or use (4) a Named Attribute node (type Vector) that creates an Internal Dependency (5).

Plug this vector in the Image Texture node's Vector input slot and set the extrapolation type to Extend if you don't want repeats.

(In the example, the Density value is multiplied by 500 because the image's color value is between 0.0 and 1.0, and it's far too low for a subdivided default plane.)


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