I am doing this project where I want lots of realism, but the render time for one frame was around 2h and I only did the exterior.

I am quite happy with the quality at 10 minutes, maybe even for the final renders that I plan to do.

The obvious change is reduce samples and I already reduced samples to 512 (from 4096) but I wonder if that is all I should do, what should I change on the render settings (or else where) to reduce render time and keep as much quality as possible?

And what would be the downsides of the changes, because it doesn't seem that there are much improvement with this first settings from 10 minutes to 20.

Do you use "preview" settings and "final" settings on your projects? Any help or resources would be very much appreciated.

preview of the render

Render stats Render sample

current settings

Settings1 Settings2 Settings3 Settings4



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