I have one object called "Sphere" that contains a geometry node. In this GN I instanced many spheres on each vertex of a bigger icosphere. I want to translate them on their own sampled curve, with endpoint the vertices of another object (a boolean difference between a sphere and a cube that I called "ARRIVAL CORNEA").

Now, if I create this ARRIVAL CORNEA object outside of geometry node everything is fine (more or less). But I really want to have it within my node system (not for any reason but to understand how to make it work).

I can't understand why my sampled curves appear to lead towards the center of my "Sphere", whereas I want them to head only towards the vertices of ARRIVAL CORNEA. (I'm attaching a picture of this hedgehog of curves that I really didn't mean to produce).


I'm wildly guessing it has to deal with the center or pivot of my "Sphere", but I didn't manage to fix my issue yet.

Here's the blend file.

Thanks in advance!




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