Is there a way to simulate the project from view for uvs with geometry nodes? I know you cant project the uvs from the viewport point of view in geometry nodes (actually I wont be surprised if it is possible), but is there a way to sort of project the uvs of your mesh from one axis?


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I don't know if this will do. but it's a match for the UV Project modifier given a single orthoghraphic projector:

enter image description here

It inverts the relative transform of the provided 'Projector' object, gives that transform to a copy of the modified mesh, and transfers the positions of the transformed face-corners to a pre-existing UV map on the modified object.

It does not match projection from a camera, which must involve other jiggery-pokery, including a perspective transform. However, your view can be set to that of an orthographic projector-object by selecting it, and hitting ShiftNumpad 7


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