I'm ridiculously new to Blender, and it's going to show. Aside from me not knowing exactly what the heck a mesh actually is, I downloaded it to fiddle around with some DND miniatures I'm trying to resin print.

So, being a nerd, I signed up for one of those "design your own mini!" websites. Try as I might, sculpting is hard and I'm lazy so that's what I went with.

So, off I went! But, when I tried to hollow out one of the minis I made to print it, there were a lot of what looked like individual objects; there wasn't one singular, outside mesh; all of the customizable components (hair, eyes, etc.) are their own individual things. My slicer was trying to hollow all of the little objects, and because of their size and my settings it couldn't do it.

BUT... Blender isn't seeing it that way, necessarily. I can't merge the objects together as you can in every tutorial I've watched. When I click on the model, the whole thing gets selected. But, if I ALT+Z and select the model, I can see the outlines of these objects. I just can't fiddle around with them; I can't individually select them, move them, or delete them. If I import a professional, "artisinal" STL, it displays as it should and has no "internal geometry." Individual objects being selected together

Hopefully that picture worked, and it shows the outline of legs that are definitely under a robe as well as an arm that's in a long sleeve.

Is there a way to make this one solid mesh? Is there a way to connect these things together so that the inside of their geometry "melts" into the model as a whole?

Thanks for any help, and I'm sorry I'm so new. Gotta start somewhere?

  • $\begingroup$ It is not an easy task. One way is to use Intersect (Boolean) operator (cmd or ctrl +F) in edit mode. But there is a big chance it will fail for a complex topology. Or you can try Remesh modifier. All depends on your model, that is why designers care about topology. $\endgroup$
    – vklidu
    Mar 8 at 8:52


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