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Case 0. Image above. Here is a use case that appears to function. A single small plane [settings shape] [surface] and has a force with [falloff] [cone] and with [Z Direction] [+Z] . The particles are generated on a open cylinder and a projected cone shape has moved particles from the top of the cylinder toward the force. There is only an open area on the top of the cylinder.

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The image above is a better test. The image below may be replaced in the future. In the image below I used a Ico Sphere which has many faces with geometric normals facing in many balanced directions. The Z direction appears to be relevant per face of the mesh

Is it true each face of the surface is used to calculate force?

This is regarding the Z direction in the Physics Panel. enter image description here

In the image below are three cases for the falloff cone shape.

  1. Case 1 +Z. Movements in both sides of particles are seen. All faces generate part of the total force.
  2. Case 2 -Z. Movement of particles are not seen. Are forces cancelling?
  3. Case 3 Both Z. Two sided movement of particles is seen and this seems consistent.


Version : Blender 3.2

The above image is composed of different bakes of particles with different settings. All physics have Type:Force Shape:Surface Falloff:Cone. The particle system has two faces which appear above and below the force in the Z direction.



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