I want to «bake» each frame of an animated object on top of the other. The object consists of a layer of rectangles on the same plan that organizes themselves from a video. See changes in shapes, density, orientation and color in images. enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

There was an addon that did the trick but it does not seems to work more recent version of Blender. (Animation Replicator with Offset (ARewO), 2014 https://www.blenderdiplom.com/en/downloads/537-arewo-gui-a-detailed-description.html) I tried to dowload older version an open my blender file, but it does not match.

I think that one option here is to associate a frame (with «Scene Time» nodes) to a specific instance of the stack in a loop that repeats itself for each of the layers instancing the base changing object.enter image description here

To objective is to create a mass of those stacked layers. See the result (made by hand) in the image. enter image description here



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